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Adrenalin Technologies, LLC is a Las Vegas based company specializing in security technologies for high-rise buildings with a primary objective of increasing public safety in areas that are in close proximity to these types of properties. 



Safe Place

Adrenalin Technologies, LLC has a patent pending for technology that monitors and detects high-rise window vibration and 

breakage.  The system, appropriately named

 SAFE PLACE, will immediately notify security personnel of the room or suite number in the event of window vibration beyond a certain threshold or breakage to accelerate security response time. Additionally, the system will monitor exit door locations and notify security if exit doors are obstructed to insure guest and employee safety in the event of an emergency 



The idea was developed by Scott D'Avanzo after he was in Las Vegas during the tragic Las Vegas Concert Shooting, which occurred a few blocks from his office.  He listened to a scanner app as police searched multiple hotel rooms to find the room in which the shooter was located.  When the gunman of the Capital Gazette Shooting blocked an exit door of the building to barricade victims, Scott knew he had to develop a device that would save lives, increase public safety, and assist first responders.

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